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Equestrian Facility

Equestrian Facility

Equestrian Facility


Framed vintage Hermes scarves line the mahogany walls of the West Pond Drive tack room, featuring leather seating, custom millwork, and imported iron saddle and bridle racks. This Bridgehampton reception room is designed for the equine connoisseur with a vision of coupling the fine French 1832 Hermes saddlery and a modern-day working facility.




Designed and executed in collaboration with DH Murray Architecture, this picturesque property captures the essence of a traditional equestrian facility with influences from the renowned Calumet Farm.

Equestrian Facility
Equestrian Facility


Rich Heritage

Reminiscent of the historic and iconic farms in Lexington, Kentucky, it stands as a testament to the rich heritage of the equestrian world.



The interiors of the tack rooms and common areas showcase exquisite craftsmanship, featuring mahogany shiplap walls. The space is elegantly furnished with leather club chairs and accessories from Missoni Home, creating a luxurious and inviting atmosphere.

Equestrian Facility
Equestrian Facility



An air of sophistication fills the grand common area, accentuated by the beautiful display of framed Hermes scarves adorning the walls.



Impeccable attention to detail shines through as custom saddle racks from England grace the tack room areas.

Equestrian Facility
Equestrian Facility


Eye-Catching Textures

An array of Missoni home blankets and cushions transform the space with their eye-catching textures.

Equestrian Facility
Equestrian Facility


Perfect Blend

The perfect blend of leather and soft textiles creates a chic and cozy ambiance.


Harmonious Balance

Experience the impeccable fusion of luxurious leather and plush textiles, achieving a harmonious balance of style and comfort.

Equestrian Facility
Equestrian Facility


Seamless Blend

This seamless blend of French 1832 Hermes saddlery and modern functionality make it a truly exceptional space for both work and relaxation.

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